Life Cycle of a Flea

Fight Back Against Fleas

A good first step in the fight against fleas is identifying where they are most common. This is usually where your pet spends a lot of time, e.g. eating or sleeping. Because flea eggs don’t stick to the animal but drop off, you can expect a lot of fleas in those areas. One of the best ways to test for fleas is the white sock test. Walk through your home wearing white socks. The fleas, attracted by the warmth and movement when you walk will jump to your feet and ankles. it is easy to see their dark bodies against the white background of the socks.

Once you have located the flea hot spots it is a good idea to vacuum. Regular vacuuming can reduce flea populations. Vacuuming removes flea feces which is an important source of food to flea larvae. Make sure to dispose of the vacuum waste/bag outside in a bin as you may have collected eggs, larvae, and adult fleas.
Despite these measures, you will probably still need to use an insecticide. Apex Pest Control has the right chemicals to get the job completed the first time.

Apex Pest Control now has an easy and safe solution for the age old white sock test called “HostGuard Flea Control”.

This product will come with:

-A set of disposable pants (One size fits most)
-2 Sets of Hostguard Flea control which fits over shoes and disposable pants up to 18” up the leg in order to control, monitor, and protect you from fleas since they can only jump 8” high/
Price for 2 sets: $49.95>Important: HostGuard flea control apparel is NOT to be worn while using pesticide, ONLY to wear while walking around infested areas to:

  • Control
  • Monitor
  • Protect against being bit