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How To Deal With Mosquitoes This Season

How To Deal With Mosquitos This Season

Written by J Brocas

May 21, 2019

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How Often Should You Treat For Pests?How Often Should You Treat For Pests?how to deal with mosquitos

How To Deal With Mosquitoes Easily

Mosquito season is around the corner, actually, it’s already here in some parts of the states! While we certainly enjoy the warmer weather, having those mosquitoes around is far from ideal. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with these nasties this season. So, whether you want to keep them outside your home or want to avoid them when you are catching some sun outside, here are the top tips on avoiding mosquitoes.

Here is How To Deal With Mosquitoes Guide

Be Aware Of Standing Water

Stagnant water is a big attraction for mosquitoes and sometimes you do not even realise you have standing water in your garden. Unfortunately, standing water can occur everywhere; this includes anywhere from the kid’s swimming pool to some soaked flower pots.

Just before dusk on the drive back to our accommodation, we saw this beautiful sunset reflected off the water.
Photographer: Phillip Gow | Source: Unsplash

Clearing any stagnant water near your home can greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes you will encounter; this since standing water serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. So, if you still get a lot of mosquitoes in your garden or in your home, it is vital to perform this essential check near your home.

Hire A Professional For Those Unusual Spots

Mosquitoes can end up in the most unusual spots; this includes your gutters. Any location where water can accumulate is a prime breeding ground. Naturally, some of those locations can be difficult to check, so getting a professional who knows where to look could eliminate some of those mosquito breeding grounds.

Consider Natural Mosquito Repellents

Did you know that there are natural mosquito repellents you could use around your home? It is a fact that certain plants can create unique defensive chemicals to ward off certain animals. The positive about this is that they can repel mosquitoes too.

One of the most effective plants against mosquitoes is the so-called citronella plant. You can also get citronella scented geraniums, which also have the ability to repel mosquitoes. You could also grow citronella grass around your garden. These are just some of the natural ways you can repel mosquitoes without the use of harsh chemicals.

Always Read The Instructions On Mosquito Repellant

When you do use some mosquito repellent around your home, always make sure to read the instructions. Most repellants only have a limited time span, which can amount to a couple of hours. So, some natural plants inside the home could prove more effective long-term.

Sweat Attracts Mosquitoes

How To Deal With Mosquitoes This Season 1

Sometimes, you may feel like you are the only one who attracts mosquito attention. In some cases, this could be very true, as mosquitoes are very attracted to dampness. If you tend to sweat considerably in warmer temperatures, it is likely you will end up with mosquito bites.

Of course, there are some ways you could prevent mosquito bites when it gets a little warmer. Firstly, it is essential to cover some places that are prone to these bites; this includes your feet, your arms, and your legs. While you should not cover up in heavy fabrics, a lightweight and breathable material will do the trick. You should also avoid darker clothing, as this can attract more sunlight and make you sweat even more!

Candles And Lanterns Are Still Effective

Many people believe that dedicated candles and lanterns are not as effective as a bug deterrent. The fact of the matter is, they are effective, providing they are used in the correct manner.

When using bug-repelling candles and lanterns, always remember that their coverage is usually limited to 15 inches by 15 inches. So, you will often need a collection of these candles and lanterns to cover the area sufficiently. A single repellent candle is often not enough.

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