Do You Have An Existing Home That Needs Termite Protection?

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If you are a home owner in Asheville, or any surrounding area of North Carolina, you must understand how important “Termite Control” is for your home and surrounding environment. Termites cause millions of dollars of damage every year in the USA alone. 

Termites love moisture and our use of Air Conditioning Systems in the USA contributes to this, especially with so many AC systems dropping water around the home, when so many home owners fail to maintain their systems. Furthermore, our climate is warm and moist and with the changes in the weather and environment, we are becoming more and more desirable to termites. 

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Apex Pest Control offers two types of post construction termite treatments:

  1. Liquid Treatments: We provide liquid treatments around the foundation of your home and treat the areas of infestation or
  2. Baiting System: We can install and monitor a termite baiting system around the exterior of your home. These stations will be monitored by our skilled pest control technicians and checked regularly for termite activity. Termite colonies can be eliminated with today’s technology and advanced methods of baiting systems.
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