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Pest Control Asheville: Services Throughout Asheville, Black Mountain, Hendersonville and all Surrounding Areas.

North Carolina is full of pests and some like termites will eat you out of house and home. Of course, there are other wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants and others. Fleas are also prevalent as is spiders, cockroaches and so much more. Apex pest control are able to respond and bring remediation to any pest control issues you may have in the Asheville and surrounding areas. We are active throughout all of Buncombe County,  Hendersonville, Black Mountain and as far as Waynesville.

Looking For Pest Control In Asheville.

Apex Pest Control is the most positively reviewed pest control company in Asheville and services all surrounding areas and communities. No matter if it is Spring, Summer or Winter, it’s time for those insects that we all know and hate to invade your life once more. Warmer weather brings all sorts of pests from spiders, termites to fleas and everything else in between.  There is no better time to get your pest’s under control and have a regular pest control program in operation.

Work with a locally owned and operated pest control company

If you own a home, you know the importance of working with companies you can trust. Work with a pest control specialist you feel comfortable letting into your home. Apex Pest Control was established in 1999 and has been serving residents in the Asheville, NC area ever since.

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We’re fully licensed and insured so you’ll never be held liable for accidents on your property or damage to your property. Want a free estimate on our pest control services? Just call 828-545-7378 to request a quote.


Leave the Creepy Crawlers to the Horror Movies

Hire Apex Pest Control for services in Asheville, North Carolina

Picture this: You’re getting ready to take a relaxing bath. You turn on the faucet and out flows a horrifying wolf spider! This isn’t a cheap thrill in some horror movie—this is your life. If you’re dealing with a pest infestation, call the pros at Apex Pest Control. Perhaps you are in the kitchen and you hear scratching, what could it be? Rodents: and they are prevalent in all seasons. 

Whether you have adorable (but unwanted) mice or foundation-eating termites, we can help. Ask for a free estimate on our pest control service by calling 828-545-7378 now.


Pest Control Asheville, Hendersonville, Black Mountain – Here are Our Top 3 services offered

Kick skittering critters to the curb. Find a new home for your unwelcome rat family. Stop termites from destroying your home’s foundation. Apex Pest Control offers comprehensive services, including:

  1. Pest control: Don’t share your home with eight-legged bugs and dirty rats. Sign up for recurring pest control services to keep bugs and rodents out.
  2. Termite / wood destroying insect control: Are wood-eating insects wreaking havoc on your foundation? Getting rid of them is no simple task. Hire a professional for the job.
  3. Moisture control: A damp environment encourages mold growth and bug infestations. Keep your home safe from moisture issues by calling Apex Pest Control.

Find the pest control services you need right here in Asheville, NC and surrounding areas.
Reach out to Apex Pest Control to get started.

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Asheville Pest Control

Preventative And Infestation Pest Control Services

In Asheville, NC and Surrounding Areas

Why do rodents invade your homes during the winters?

Why do rodents invade your homes during the winter?

While rodent infestations can happen at any time during the year, rodents and other pests are more likely to invade during the colder winter months. This is because pests seek shelter and warmth during the winter and our homes have both of those, in abundance!

These Fall Pests Can Still Be A Problem

These Fall Pests Can Still Be A Problem

Fall Pests can still be a problem. The time to start your pest control is now, not later.

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How Rats Get Into Your Home

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Bugs Attracted to Moisture

Bugs Attracted to Moisture

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Bothered by Bed Bugs? Know the Best Treatment that Really Works

Bothered by Bed Bugs? Know the Best Treatment that Really Works

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How To Avoid Fire Ants In Your Home And Garden

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Are Termites Active In Winter

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Why You Need A Termite Inspection and Renewal

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