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Termite Control Asheville: Do You Have An Existing Home That Needs Termite Protection?

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termite control ashevilleAsheville’s climate and conditions make it a very attractive environment for termites. If you are a home owner in Asheville, or any surrounding area of North Carolina, you must understand how important “Termite Control” is for your home and surrounding environment.

Termites cause millions of dollars of damage every year in the USA alone. Imagine having your home virtually eaten alive and you having no termite control to trust. Do you think your insurance would cover you. Whent it comes to termite control and protecting your home from these maurauding invaders, you really do have to take it seriously.

Termites and Their Environments

Termite Control Asheville – Why Here?

Termites love moisture and our use of Air Conditioning Systems in the USA contributes to this, especially with so many AC systems dropping water around the home, when so many home owners fail to maintain their systems. Furthermore, our climate is warm and moist and with the changes in the weather and environment, we are becoming more and more desirable to termites.

The first thing that you might notice when it comes to identifying termites, is those signs of an infestation such as wings and droppings and of course the tell tale tubular structures within the structure of your home. When you notice these signs, then it could be too little too late and that will cost you a great deal of money to remediate the problem.

This is Top Quality Termite Control That Will Save You Money

Would you not prefer to save money rather than wasting it when all you needed to do was to take termite control more seriously. The amount of money that is wasted each year is phenomenal and who would even dare to think the culprate was a small bug that can literrally destroy the foundations of your home.

We often give the termites the right conditions to make their homes – our homes and even taking small precations such as ensuring we have a moisture control program and that we take care of our air conditioning systems as much as we can.

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Termite Inspection

As part of your termite control program you should have a regular termite inspection either in pre contstruction or post construction. It is also a requirement if you are selling your home that you have an inspection done and this needs to be done by a qualified termite control specialist.

Apex Pest Control offers two types of post construction termite treatments:

  1. Liquid Treatments: We provide liquid treatments around the foundation of your home and treat the areas of infestation or
  2. Baiting System: We can install and monitor a termite baiting system around the exterior of your home. These stations will be monitored by our skilled pest control technicians and checked regularly for termite activity. Termite colonies can be eliminated with today’s technology and advanced methods of baiting systems.

Call for Pricing

Do not hesitate to call us for Asheville Termite Control and in all surrounding areas, you will be glad you did and it will save you a great deal of heartache in the future. If you get signs of termites in your home, then do not wait until it is too late. If you have built your home or you are building your home, then call us to get your termite inspection done as soon as possible.

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