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Overwintering Pests To Become Aware Of

Written by J Brocas

November 15, 2019

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Winter Pests to be aware of this winter

Wow, the year is coming to an end, winter is arriving and the weather shifts dramatically. We already know a lot of safety precautions we have to take as we expect the winter period such as keeping warm, making sure we are dry and have adequate provisions. Well, this is exactly what your overwintering pests need too. You see most people prepare for the winter, but forget to prepare against winter pests.

What Type Of Winter Pests are likely to visit homes this winter?

winter pests

There are several pests that migrate to our homes during winter they include but are not limited to

  • Termites: Termites are known to be active during the summer. This does not mean that they can’t be active in the winter. Although their activities are slowed down due to the cold. Termites love warm environments and since their nests have become cold due to the winter, they have to migrate to a warm environment and guess what? Your home becomes a warm environment since you heat your home.
  • Crazy Ants: As the name implies, this ant can really drive you crazy, and even the winter is no match for their level of crazy as they would attack your home in the winter cold. They hardly survive cold weather and rainfall. This is the reason why they invade our houses during the winter and look to nest within a warmer environment. To prevent them, firstly have regular pest control – even in winter. Furthermore,  it is necessary to block all perceived points of entrance. Be careful what foods you leave around – especially sweet foods and keep everything clean. These ants primarily feed on 2 cycles; Sweet and Grease feeding.
  • Bedbugs: Bedbugs are another set of wintering pests to watch out for this winter. Winter is synonymous with the holidays. As friends and family visit one another to enjoy the holidays, there might be a set of unwanted guests also tagging along for the holiday visit. Many believe that bedbugs don’t survive the winter. Contrary to that, bed bugs look for warm places to hide like bags and clothes during the winter. Hence they might be spending the holidays in your home. Always contact professional pest control agencies to handle bed bug invasion of your home.
  • Boxelder Bugs: Boxelder is an outdoor pest during the summer. What many don’t know is that it becomes an indoor pest during the winter as it seeks refuge from the cold weather. During summer boxelder bugs live on silver maple and boxelder trees.  They migrate to our homes due to the cold weather. If your home has been invaded by Boxelder bugs, it is important that you contact A Pest Control Service to professionally manage the issue.
  • Ladybugs: Ladybugs which are normally beneficial to plants during summer can become disturbing pests during the winter as they invade our homes in search of warmth. If your house faces more toward the warm sun in daylight hours, you will find these little pesky beetles will swarm to your warmer side of the home. Heres the real issue though. Ladybugs or Asian beetles, which in Asheville North Carolina are an invasive species. They have an uncanny ability to let other ladybugs know where the warm places to live are. Sooner or later, a few little bugs can turn into a mass invasion. In case of such issues, contact the best professional pest control agency, Apex Pest Control Services.

How can Pests enter our homes?

termite control asheville

Pests can enter homes through several openings in the house like windows, cracks. Also when you open the doors, packs, boxes, and people can also bring in pests to the home without even knowing it. A regular pest control service can negate this issue for you and reduce the risks of seeing those bugs in your home

What Makes a House Attractive To Pests?

Pest is in constant search of food, warmth, and water. Any place they find such becomes attractive to them and they tend to settle there. It is important to place food content in sealed containers to avoid your home being infested by pests.

Where Do Pests Hide In The Home?

How To Get Rid Of Brown Recluse Spiders

Pests tend to hide in hidden corners in the house – especially spiders. Areas such as the basement, as well as foundations,  are known to harbor pests due to their hidden nature. It is important to keep these areas well ventilated. Well ventilated spaces make pests uncomfortable. Also, the kitchen and bathroom are also areas where pests can hide.

Apex Pest Control, The solution

It is necessary to contact professional Pest Control Services to handle the invasion, trying to handle the situation can cause the pests to spread to other rooms and areas around the house. A very good pest specialist to contact is Apex Pest Control and Supplies. You can contact Apex Pest Control on (828) 545-7378. Or, for more information, visit www.apexpestcontrolwnc.com.





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