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Rodent Control Asheville: Rats and mice are extremely adaptable year-round pests. They make a home in sheds, garages, gardens, and houses. Once they have settled, they consistently cause damage to property and pose a risk to human health and can destroy your local business. The regular rodent control program can make it easy to control these public health pests and prevent the spread of disease.

Why should you be worried about Rodents?

Rodents can carry diseases and transfer it to humans either by its droppings, a bite or just spreading the bacteria and germs as they move through sours and dirty contaminated waste.. They contaminate food and cause food poisoning in humans. They also shed hair and leave their droppings everywhere they go. These pests carry fleas and ticks that can easily harm humans and pets.

Rat and mice can spread disease in the following ways.

  • Through their droppings
  • By biting humans and pets
  • By contaminating food

Not only that, but rodents will also damage property including anything that’s made of wood, particleboard, or insulation. They can also damage electric wiring.

Rats and mice are commensurable rodents. They can prosper when living in close association with other animals, especially humans. Once they have taken up residence in your home, you may have to spend a lot of money to get rid of them.

What you need to know about rodents

In order to control rodent populations in your house, it’s important to understand their behavior and habits.

Some scary facts about rodent population

  • A female mouse can reproduce when six weeks old
  • The house mouse is the most common rodent pest in the USA
  • A pair of mice can produce anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 offspring in a year
  • Mice can live for 12 months

Where do they live?

They live in walls and ceilings and travel through sours or other areas of contamination. But don’t take them lightly as they can easily make homes under floors, cupboards, sewers, bathtubs, machinery, and rubbish heaps. Typically, they will make a home anywhere they are safe from your eyes. Considering their size, they will find plenty of such places in any home. Your business is not immune to them and especially if you have a food and beverage business.

Does that sound scary? Seeing a rat roaming around your house signals a bigger threat. Take action right away. A rat and mice control program could save you from an uncontrollable rodent population.

What are the signs of rodent activity?

  • They are more active at night so expect a sighting when the sun goes down
  • Their droppings – black and moist – are easily visible
  • Food that you left for pets has gone missing several times
  • Noticeable gnawing damage in furniture and food containers
  • Greasy marks on walls indicate rodent activity

What can you do – Rodent Control?

The easiest way to control rodent populations is through prevention. Here are a few important prevention tips.

  • Make sure that these clever creatures can’t enter your home through sanitation
  • Deny them food by disposing of leftovers properly and using tight-fitting lids for waste bins
  • Make it impossible for rats to access water in your home
  • Clear the clutter to deny them shelter
  • Clean your home regularly
  • Don’t leave out food for your pets – give them what they will consume right away

Rats and mice could be extremely annoying and they can transfer disease. That makes them public No. 1 enemy. If you have spotted a rat or a mouse in your home, take action NOW. Don’t let these clever pests settle in. Call Apex Pest Control for a rodent control program for your home or business.

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