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5 Signs of a Flea Infestation

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December 19, 2017

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Fleas are external parasites that feed on the blood of animals and birds. If you have a dog or a cat, your home can easily get infested. When fleas are living on your pet and in your home, they might bite you. However, they won’t breed on you.

So to spot an infestation, you will have to monitor your pets and their movement area closely. Unfortunately, signs of a flea infestation are not always obvious.

How do fleas look?

Fleas are small and can easily hide from your eyes.

They don’t have wings so they jump from one animal to another. With flat small bodies and strong legs, they can easily jump long distances to reach a new host. An adult flea is usually 1/8 inch long with dark-colored skin. They have protected bodies that keep them safe from being crushed under carpets.

Signs of a flea infestation in your home

Once a flea infestation occurs, it might get out of hand quickly. A female flea can lay 50 eggs per day. Here are 5 common signs of a flea infestation.

1-   Fleabites on your skin

The first sign of a home infested with fleas is when you notice small bites on your skin. Fleas don’t usually bite humans but they can do so occasionally after they have left the animal host, they will then need to find sustenance elsewhere and guess what – you are the new meal.

Your legs and feet are most prone to flea bites and fleas can only jump a few inches – 7 to be exact, though as jeff would say “some might be like the Michael Jordan of fleas.” A fleabite is different from mosquito bites as it’s surrounded by red halos.  You could also get a rash and the area around the bite could swell. Some people might have a severe allergic reactions from fleabites. So it’s best to get the Flea Assassin on the Job

flea control

When living in a home infested with fleas, expect them to land on you in search of blood. Seeing small bites on your skin are a clear indication that your home is heavily infested. Examine your pets closely and see if you can spot the parasites.

2-   Your pets are excessively scratching

When your pet is scratching aggressively, you know it’s a flea infestation in your home and on your pet, because those scratches are also putting eggs and adult fleas into your home.

These pesky bloodsuckers make their habitat in the head, neck, and other hard-to-reach areas. If you notice your pet scratching in these areas, it’s a clear sign of an infestation.

Sometimes, pets can lick or bite in addition to scratching the infested area.

3-   Your pet has red patches of skin

A flea infestation can become a nuisance for your pet. You may notice rashes and lesions in the infested areas. If you observe closely, you may see red patches of skin.

In some cases, flea infestation could cause hair loss in the infected area.

Fleas leave their saliva on the body of their host when they bite. Some pets can be allergic to this saliva and develop rashes and red spots.

Sometimes, aggressive scratching and biting can also cause the skin to redden.

4-   You have seen fleas

This is the most obvious sign of a flea infestation.

Since fleas are small and they often hide in your pet’s fur, you don’t see them until it’s a heavy infestation. However, when you look closely at bed sheets and carpets, you can spot these parasites hopping around.

5-   Visible flea droppings

You know it’s a flea infestation when you see it with your own eyes. The reddish-brown specks that you see around your pet are actually flea ‘dirt’. They are the feces that parasites have been leaving behind.

It’s a clear sign that you have a flea infestation.

Those of you who haven’t dealt with a flea infestation before might wonder how to tell the difference between flea feces and regular dirt. It’s easy. The steps are below.

  • Take some ‘dirt’ that you want to inspect
  • Put it on a white paper
  • Spray clear water on it
  • Observe it closely

Does it turn to reddish-brown color? You know what it is.

When a flea jumps onto your pet and makes its way to your home, it’s time for you to take action. A flea infestation can easily get out of control because fleas lay eggs at an insane rate. The faster you get rid of these blood-sucking parasites, the better!



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