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Wasp Nest Removal Should Be Left To Pest Professionals

Written by J Brocas

August 31, 2018

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Wasp Nest Removal: There is no doubt that wasps can be a problem and disturbance to home occupants. Removing a nest, on the other hand, can be risky and even dangerous if things go wrong. Removing them in a harmless way is important as one homeowner in Thunder Bay, Ontario learned recently. “Fire crews were called to a residence on Rockwood Avenue after a man poured gasoline on a nest and set it on fire, only to burn his own home,” reported CBC news.

Wasp Nest Removal Should Be Left To Pest Professionals 1

Wasp Nest Removal – No One Likes Wasps and Wasp Nest’s Need To Go

Clearly attempting to burn a wasp nest is not the best solution to remove it! Below are some tips for wasp control in a safe way. Of course, the best way to deal with it is to call your local pest control company to remedy the situation expediently.

Consider A Wasp Nest Removal Professional

A pest management professional is an excellent option for getting rid of a nest particularly if you are allergic to stings, or if the nest is in a hard to reach location, for example inside a wall or attic or underneath a cement slab.

It is true that stings can be harmful, possibly deadly if you are stung several times – even if you are not allergic to the stings! If you want to remove the nest on your own, thorough planning is needed, however, you should always leave it to a pest professional who knows what they are doing and are trained to deal with these issues.

Dress For The Part

To be able to reduce the likelihood of getting stung, it is very important to put on protective clothing when you try to get rid of a wasp’s nest. Try to cover all of the open parts of the body by wearing long jeans, socks, and boots, a sweater with the hood pulled over your head as well as gloves. To protect the head and face, wrap a scarf around your neck and mouth and put on ski goggles or protective glasses over your eyes.

Keep Pets And Children Safe

If you choose to use a pesticide spray or natural powder to kill them, it is important to ensure the area stays free from small children or pets for at least 24 hours. Get rid of any dead ones that you find on the ground close to the nest as these killing products are very poisonous, and can be unhealthy for pets as well as children.

Timing Of Year And Time Of Day Is Essential For Wasp Removal

The perfect time in the year to get rid of a nest is as early in the year as possible. In the spring, the nest is small and the wasps are far less hostile. Toward the end of summer, they are more hostile as next year’s queens are being born and many are dying off towards the end of the season.

If you fail to find the nest until late summer or fall you may not need to destroy the nest whatsoever. If freezing happens in your area, the colony will die off naturally and you can conveniently get rid of the nest in the winter season. After that make plans to avoid nesting on your property next year.

If you intend to remove a nest yourself, it is advisable to do it at night or in the very early morning. This is when the wasps are least busy, so their reaction time is slower, and they are considerably less aggressive. Nevertheless, the surest way is to find a professional in Wasp Control.

Plan An Escape Route Incase Wasps Attack

Before you spray the nest, plan an escape route thereby making sure the route to safety is apparent, because they will rapidly start to stream out of the nest whilst you spray and may swarm at you. Instantly take cover after targeting the nest and wait not less than 24 hours before observing the nest to see if it is harmless to approach and remove.

Safe Wasp Nest Removal

The reality is this, if you seriously want to remove a wasp nest before it gets too troublesome, then think about hiring your local pest control company and get it done right, the first time, theres nothing worse than dealing with angry bees.

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