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Killing Fleas! It is a name that always brings disgust and horror in our minds whenever we hear it. The idea of being bitten by one, or our pets for that matter, keeps us always on alert and terrified. This terror is not at all fictional: Fleas are those creatures who live and thrive by sucking blood from both the animals and humans. There are more than 2,000 species of these little blood-suckers, but the most common ones are the rat fleas, cat fleas, human fleas, and dog fleas. The serious problem with all these common types of fleas (especially the human one) is that they carry harmful bacteria in their mouth. Once bitten, either an animal or a human can develop a dangerous infection that can even threaten life itself. The “Black Plague” of Europe in the Middle Ages, which took millions of lives, was also a result of rat flea bite to humans.

Killing Fleas In Winter

But, you don’t have to worry about the “flea” issue anymore. Winter is here, and it is perhaps the most effective season for killing fleas and the elimination of these dirty infections. You might be wondering now as to why only the Winter season is specifically termed important? Well, for that you need to understand some of the basics of flea’s lifecycle dynamics. Fleas are more adaptable to a hot and humid environment in which their reproduction and egg-laying development aggravate significantly. Approximately a 70% humidity-rate is ideal for the female fleas to be far more active than usual in laying eggs. However, in the Winter season, fleas become less active because of the lower humidity ratio in the environment. On top of that, the extremely cold weather is something to which fleas are not so good at coping with.


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Every Trojan wants to bring in the Dog except the cat.

Due to this reason, pesticide experts recommend Winter as the perfect season to launch an attack against these tiny blood-suckers, it really is the best time for killing fleas. However, the ideal place for fleas to reside in and grow is your pets warm and comfortable fur, but don’t let this fact dodge you off your reasoning; fleas can be found in plenty of other places/things in your home (including your bed as well). Besides, having to cope with the hard task of locating fleas in your home, in order to properly extinguish this harmful insect, you must also effectively know and implement different steps that are required to entirely finish of their species from your home. To accomplish this, it is highly recommended that you should acquire the services of a professional pest control company in your vicinity.

Killing Fleas In Your Home

Apex Pest Control services in Asheville, NC, serves the residents of Asheville in providing top-class fumigation and pest control. Apex Pest Control covers a wide range of pest control services such as cleaning/disinfection against termites, fleas, cockroaches, common house geckos, and other types of household insects, as well as exclusive service of moist controlling in your home or office. Specifically, for an extremely infested area by the fleas, Apex Pest Control is offering a state-of-the-art solution to effectively fight against, and eliminate, fleas-infested abodes as well as a natural solution to control, monitor and protect. HostGuard Flea Control.

Killing Fleas With The Right Protective Clothing

This is apparel specially built to protect against, monitor, and control the spread of fleas in-home or office. A person can wear this disposable anti-flea garment and can easily go into an infected area to monitor, control and kill off the tiny marauders using hostguard and your chosen weapon of choice. Furthermore, Apex Pest Control has a dedicated and experienced team of flea-experts who are ever-ready to do the battle against fleas on your behalf.

Therefore, on this holiday and Christmas season, make sure your home is free from these tiny trouble-makers so that you may continue to enjoy a disease-free holiday with your family, friends, and your pets as well. Get in touch with Apex Pest Control now!

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