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Getting Rid Of Fleas In Your House

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March 11, 2018

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Getting Rid Of Fleas In Your House: Do you have fleas in your house? Are you worried about these bloodsucking critters biting you? It’s time you take action and get rid of the infestation. Here’s how to kill fleas in home naturally and fast.

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Getting Rid Of Fleas In Your House Does Not Have To Be Hard

Although fleas prefer cats and dogs as hosts, they can easily jump on to humans and bite them. Their bite is painful and can cause other symptoms such as allergic reactions and inflammation. But there is nothing to panic as we have listed some effective methods to get rid of fleas in your house.

Step 1: Locate the infestation using HostGuard Flea System

The first step to getting rid of fleas in your house is to locate them. Find the areas where they are most likely to lay eggs and hide. If your pet has fleas, look closely around the areas where the pet spends time.

When locating an infestation, you could be distracted by flea bites. Additionally, staying in the area with fleas could make you breathe allergens (flea droppings and airborne particles) that could trigger a severe allergic reaction. To prevent anything like this from happening when detecting fleas, be sure to use HostGuard Flea Control System.

How to use HostGuard Flea Control System

Here is how to use HostGuard Flea System.

  1. Put on the HostGuard suit to protect yourself from flea bites
  2. Walk in the area with fleas
  3. Fleas that come in contact with your suit will die

Once you have located flea infested areas, it will be easy to target them. You can use various commercial products and home treatments to kill adult fleas, larval fleas, and their eggs that escape the HostGuard Flea Control System.

Step 2: Treat your pet

If your pet has fleas, you should start by treating it. You can try the following treatments.

  • Flea Combs
  • Oral medications

Flea combs are great but you have to dispose of live fleas that come off your pet. Start by combing your pet’s head and gradually moving towards ears. Finally, comb its tail and legs. After combing in one direction, run the comb backward. Dip the comb in soapy water before you comb again.

Any fleas that get trapped in the comb will die in the soapy water. However, eggs and larval fleas may escape the comb jaws and you may have to resort to other treatments to completely get rid of fleas on your pet. You can use pet flea shampoo or another commercial product for complete treatment.

Step 3: Getting rid of fleas in your house with HostGuard Organic Flea Control System

HostGuard is an organic flea control system that will allow you to effectively kill fleas while protecting yourself from bites and harmful chemicals that flea killing products may contain. Once you have completely covered your legs using the HostGuard flea control system, simply walk in the area with fleas. They will come in contact with your suit and die.

If you have a severe infestation, you may want to use any of the following remedies in addition to HostGuard Flea Control System.

  • Flea bombs and foggers (Success is however, questionable)
  • Flea powder
  • Boric acid

Flea bombs and foggers contain powerful chemicals that can easily kill adult fleas, larval fleas, and exterminate their eggs. However, it’s important to clear the house from pets and humans before you use flea bombs or foggers because of the toxins they contain. Remember, you need one flea bomb for each room. One other point to note though is that you are not guaranteed success with a fogger as there are too many variables that can render it ineffective.

Flea powder is more effective than foggers when you need to target fleas in certain areas where foggers and bombers won’t work.

Boric acid is a traditional treatment to get rid of fleas in your house. Mix it with salt and sprinkle the mixture wherever you have spotted fleas. Leave the mixture for an hour or so to kill fleas and their eggs. You can store the access mixture for later use.

All these flea control and prevention methods remove fleas completely from your home as long as you are prepared to repeat them regularly. All fleas won’t die in the first attempt and even if they do, some eggs will be left behind. These eggs will hatch and the infestation will come back.


So, here is the summary of how to get rid of fleas in your house.

  • Remove pets and food items from your home
  • Ask all residents to leave the home for a few hours
  • Close doors and windows to seal your house
  • Remove all bedding
  • Wash it in hot water and dry at high temperature to kill fleas
  • Use hostguard flea control to identify the infestation and control before treating.
  • Brush the carpet and excessively vacuum it
  • Throw away the vacuum bags

We hope this has helped you to tackle your flea problem. If the infestation is severe and these treatments haven’t helped a great deal, be sure to call for professional pest control.

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