How To Avoid Fire Ants In Your Home And Garden

How To Avoid Fire Ants In Your Home And Garden

Written by J Brocas

April 12, 2021

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Avoid Fire Ants in your garden and all costs and here’s why. Imagine the following Fire Ant scenario. Your kids are in the garden and you hear a spine-chilling scream. You rush out to find that your child is covered with bites, and he or she is in tremendous pain. The culprit; Solenopsis invicta otherwise known as the Fire Ant. They can be a right nuisance. Needless to say, we try to avoid them in our homes and gardens as much as possible. So, how do you keep away fire ants as much as possible? And why are they so aggressive towards humans? Apex Pest Control aims to answer all these questions.

What Is So Dangerous About Fire Ants?

Homeowners can tell you that fire ants can cause a lot of trouble. Fire ants can cause a considerable amount of damage to your home and garden. In addition to that, fire ants can also be remarkably aggressive and sting humans more than once over a short period of time, which is probably the best reason to avoid fire ants completely.

Fire ants are more than just a nuisance to humans too, because even pets can suffer their painful sting. After all, fire ants will become aggressive as soon as they are disturbed. So, imagine what will happen if your dog or cat disturbs those busy fire ant.

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Another reason to avoid fire ants is because of the fire ant bite. It is well-known that fire ants cause incredibly painful bites. They can burn, itch and will form white pustules after approximately two days from when you were bitten. But while these bites are painful, they are not life-threatening.

What Are The Common Signs Of Fire Ant Infestations?

There are many tell-tale signs that indicate a fire ant infestation. However, the biggest clue is obviously an ant mound. Ant mounds will usually be only a few inches told. However, if they are left undisturbed, they can grow as big as 18 inches.

A Fire Ants and Hole



A Fire Red Ants and Hole illustration

Interestingly, there are some differences between fire ant mounds and regular ant mounds. Fire ant mounds do not have an opening in the center, this opposed to regular ant mounds. Instead of moving through the center of the mound, fire ants actually move through underground tunnels.

So How Do I Avoid Fire Ants and Protect My Home?

The best way to protect your home against fire ants is to target the mound directly. Naturally, it is best to have a professional tackle this particular task. Remember, fire ants can cause extremely painful bites so it is best to leave it to the professionals.

It is also important to know that fire ants love water, mainly because they need it to survive. If your garden has easy access to water, even standing water in plant pots and the like, your garden will be a primary attraction. Also, be sure to keep your gutters well-maintained, as any standing water here could cause fire ants to nest near or inside your home.

In addition to water, you must also pay attention to other things such as straw, mulch, fallen fruit, and trees. All these things are attractive for fire ants, so you may want to keep these to a minimum. If you do have an infestation, you will find that fire ants always destroy crops such as sweet potatoes, sunflowers, and cabbage first.

Finally, make sure there aren’t any obvious cracks and openings in your exterior walls or brickwork. Any small crevice or opening is a prime entry point for fire ants. Therefore, check for these entry points before fire ant season hits.

How To Deal With An Infestation?

Fire Ant Bites - Daniel Wojcik,



Daniel Wojcik,

Are you dealing with a fire ant infestation? Call the experts at Apex Pest Control and have your fire ant problem solved discreetly. Apex Pest Control can also provide you with some helpful advice on how to avoid these infestations in the future!

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